More Than 200 Pieces Of Linkin Park’s Used Gear Is Being Sold For Charity

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When Mike Shinoda announced his first-ever solo album last week, he was non-committal about the future of Linkin Park. With the death of his co-lead Chester Bennington still so fresh, Shinoda was upfront about what we can expect from the band. He said to Vulture:

“I’m unable to say what will happen with the band. There’s really just no answer, and it’s funny because if I even say anything about the band’s future, that becomes the headline, which is stupid because the answer is there is no answer. Fans think they want to know what the future is: Believe me, I want to know what the answer is. But there just isn’t one.”

If not for that recent quote, fans could read even more into the upcoming charity sale that will see more than 200 pieces of Linkin Park merch and gear sold. As Rolling Stone reports, items include a Moog Etherwave Plus Theremin that Shinoda used both during the band’s 2010 concerts and an MTV Video Music Awards performance. In addition, there’s a sticker-covered road case, an Electro-Harmonix EHX V256 Vocoder Pedal, and the Yamaha KX5 Keytar from the “What I’ve Done” video that caused quite a stir when it was first revealed.

The sale will take place on April 4 at, with the sales going to benefit Music For Relief, a charity started by the band to aid people in areas affected by natural disasters. Check out the haul here.