Little Simz Goes ‘Gorilla’ In Her New Video, Proving That No Matter The Element, No One Is Messing With Her

Little Simz is one of London’s greatest export. The rapper pours it all out in her music, unapologetically exploring topics such as depression, misogyny, and more. On her latest album, No Thank You, that’s still a community. However, the entertainer almost managed to squeeze in that when it comes to the art form of hip-hop, she goes apesh*t.

In the official video for her single, “Gorilla,” that’s crystal clear through her clever wordplay and admirable spunk. The visual directed by Dave Meyers proves that no matter the element, no one is lyrically messing with Little Simz.

As she raps, “Cuttin’ through the jungle in an all-black fitted / Hat low, incognito livin’ / Introvert, but, she ain’t timid / My art will be timeless, I don’t do limits / Be very specific when you talk on who the best is / How can I address this? / Basically, the rest is almost like to me what a stain to a vest is / You ain’t drop nothin’ in my eyes I’m impressed with,” how could you not be thoroughly impressed.

This level of creative imagination is only heightened by the video in which Meyers follows Simz and her friends as they effortlessly roam the world looking for competition.

Watch the video above.