Ryan Adams Says Liz Phair’s New Songs Are On Some ‘Guyville’ Sh*t

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Liz Phair is a lowkey genius. It doesn’t even matter if you disagree with that, your opinion is rendered incorrect through the sheer force that is Exile In Guyville. This is the kind of record that changed a thousand girls’ lives; this is the kind of record that changed a thousand guys’ lives too, even if they won’t admit it because some men still carry the archaic notion that they don’t have enough empathy to relate to narratives that don’t center men. (Jonathan Chait, I’m looking at you.) What do you think women have done for the entire history of rock and roll? (And rap, metal, etc?)

But I digress — the point is that Liz Phair is coming back, and she’s enlisted Ryan Adams to help her record new material, which, according to Adams, is on some Guyville sh*t.

Behold his enthusiasm on Twitter dot com:

Damn, what I wouldn’t give to get invited to one of these studio sessions! The fact that Liz Phair is putting out a new double album is one step closer to making 2017 bearable.

You know, a lot of people were upset that Ryan Adams’ rendition of Taylor Swift’s 1989 was the thing that caused a lot of other (male) critics to acknowledge the masterful songwriting on that record, and sure, that was frustrating. But you have to hand it to the guy, between Taylor, Jenny Lewis, and now Liz, he’s doing his best to leverage his enormous platform to spotlight women. And that’s f*cking awesome. Ryan, please can you share some snippets of new Liz Phair songs like you did for Lewis?