Premiere: Liza Anne’s ‘Small Talks’ Subverts Southern Hospitality With Raucous Yet Easygoing Indie Rock

01.12.18 2 months ago

There’s a certain level of hospitality and decorum that’s expected of people who grow up in the south, but Liza Anne, who is based in Nashville via Georgia, is tired of it on “Small Talks,” the latest taste of her upcoming album, Fine But Dying, which is out on March 3 via Arts & Crafts. We’re premiering the raucous yet easygoing indie rock track, above, where Anne is fed up with business as usual when it comes to the artifice of southern cordiality, illustrated on lyrics like, “The older I get the harder it gets / Maybe I’m fine, maybe I’m dying / I’m just tired, tired of trying.”

Anne also previously shared the singles “Paranoia” and “Closest To Me” from Fine But Dying, which she calls her “woman at her wildest self album.” Listen to “Small Talks” above, and check out the Fine But Dying tracklist below, along with Anne’s upcoming tour dates.

1. “Paranoia”
2. “Small Talks”
3. “Panic Attack”
4. “Socks”
5. “Closest To Me”
6. “Turn For The Worse”
7. “Kid Gloves”
8. “Control”
9. “Get By”
10. “I Love You, But I Need Another Year”
11. “I’m Tired, You’re Lonely”

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