Small Town Texas’ Lomelda’s New Album ‘Thx’ Seeks Beauty In The Space Between You And Me

09.06.17 2 years ago

Hannah Read is the voice and mastermind behind Lomelda, her long-standing musical project that evolved from a high school attempt at grasping the vastness of memory and intimacy into a matured, intricate sound that lies somewhere between folk, sad girl rock, and power pop. Read is still exploring all those questions of distance and closeness in her upcoming record Thx, which will be out this week on Double Double Whammy. Lomelda, who are touring with breakout indie rockers Pinegrove this fall, have already released three singles off of Thx, including “Interstate Vision,” “Out There,” and “From Here.” The full stream of the album is also available below.

On Thx, Read had the help of her brother Tommy with production and her friend Zach Daniel on the drums, but recorded all other instruments and vocals herself, aside from a few guest performances on cello and violin from close friends Cody Green, Diana Burgess, and Clara Brill. Her sheer dedication to creating and recording this album in her small hometown of Silsbee, Texas shines through in the raw emotion that exudes from each and every track.

But the emotion that Read is making room for on Thx is a little bit different from that which she has written about in the past. With this record, Read creates more space for her ever-consuming questions regarding distance and closeness to settle and exist as they are. She doesn’t pry at them or distress over them; rather, she acknowledges them and treats them with a air of melancholy, patience, and even tenderness.

In 2017, the world values a fast-paced and immediate approach to resolving questions and internal strife, but on her record, Read values stillness and uncertainty. For instance, the way she sings out “wrap your arms around me / I’ll be still / if it means nothing I could give it up / and then give it all again” with absolute conviction on “Interstate Vision.” And perhaps, in that stillness she explores — that uncertainty between you and me, here and there — that is where Thx‘s answers will be found.

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