Looking For A Deal On A Guitar? Check Out This 'Wangcaster' On Craigslist

Looking for a guitar and live in the greater Raleigh, North Carolina area? In the market for something that says, “Hey man, I like to rock, but I also need people to be completely distracted while I’m playing, by asking things like, ‘Why is that guy holding a giant penis guitar?’” Well, one Craiglister has the guitar for you. It’s called the Wangcaster, and it’s apparently a world famous custom guitar that just so happens to have a giant set of testicles hanging off the side.

The only problem is that it may be gone by now. Yesterday was the so-called “final reduction” for this classic instrument, so even if nobody took advantage of this amazing deal for such a high-demand penis guitar, the seller may not be as generous as he once was. But still, how can you read this description and not want to at least try it out and shred for hours on this phallic ax?

Get a load of this! For sell – Rare vintage custom Wangcaster with hard case. Nice playing smooth neck with fast action. Great for slide. Ready for some hot licks. All solid wood! New Elixirs this morning. New output jack and bone nut by a professional luther. Extra strings and pick included. Perfect for Mother’s Day. Need gone today. No trades – cash only – today only. Thanks for looking.

Between the puns and invoking Mother’s Day, this might be my favorite Craigslist ad of all time. However, call me a purist, but I’m still a sucker for ZZ Top’s fur guitars.

(H/T to FARK)