Puddles The Clown Provides The Best Cover Of Lorde's 'Team' You'll Hear Today Or Any Day

I’m still pretty fresh on the whole Lorde thing, which isn’t the worst thing considering that a lot of folks are writing that she’s “overplayed” or pop music you’re “sick of hearing.”That hasn’t stopped numerous people from covering the New Zealand sensation, including the Boss himself over the weekend.

I didn’t really like the original version of “Team” when I looked it up to familiarize myself. But this cover version that’s been floating around the Internet is delightful. It comes from Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox and features the vocal talents of one Puddle The Clown. From Mashable:

The 7-foot-tall Puddles, with what Postmodern Jukebox describes as “a voice like Tom Jones,” performs the pop hit in full clown makeup with the help of backing vocals and a band.

You might’ve saw the group cover Lorde before with their version of “Royals” and both are pretty good in my opinion. Given, I’m not a musical expert and my tastes are somewhere between the trashcan and the soundtrack to Road House, so take that for what it is.

If you’re desperate for more clowny time singing goodness, The other cover is embedded below. Enjoy!

(Via Mashable / Scott Bradlee / Postmodern Jukebox )