Lorde’s Jubilant Interpretive Dance For ‘Homemade Dynamite’ At The 2017 VMAs Was Fantastic

Editorial Director, Music

Lorde is having a landmark year, and proving the concept of sophomore slump to be totally nonexistent in her world. Following the release of her incredible new album Melodrama, Lorde has been touring the world and performing the songs live, but tonight’s performance was a next level rendition of the record’s upbeat single “Homemade Dynamite.” After seeing her perform at Outside Lands a couple weeks ago, I realized she’d been getting more and more into dancing, but still I wasn’t prepared for the level she brought it tonight.

Instead of singing live, as is customary at awards shows, she opted to dance around to the track while her backing song played, and did so with the kind of jubilance that is an utter joy to watch. Clad in pants and an aluminum foil dress, she was the picture of youthful happiness and brought an air of freedom to a show that can feel a little stressful or forced. Another funny note: in the introduction, Jack Antonoff notes that he’s seen Lorde eat gas station sushi, which we all know is a sure fire way to pursue death. Luckily, she survived and clearly has plenty of energy left over.

Watch her silly, lighthearted dance above.

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