Watch The Brutal Trailer For ‘Lords Of Chaos,’ The Norwegian Black Metal Movie Featuring Sky Ferreira

In case you haven’t heard, the Norwegian black metal scene of the ’90s was scary, and not just in the sense that the music talked about dark topics. Musicians would burn churches, kill each other, kill themselves, and pull other sorts of serious stunts like that. Perhaps most famously, Mayhem vocalist Per Yngve Ohlin killed himself, and when guitarist Euronymous (aka Øystein Aarseth) found the body, he took photos that were later used for the cover of the band’s 1995 live album Dawn Of The Black Hearts.

A lot when down during those times, and it was documented in a book, Lords Of Chaos: The Bloody Rise Of The Satanic Metal Underground. A movie based on the book has been in the works for years now, and the film’s release is finally imminent. It will hit US theaters on February 8, and now there is a new trailer for the movie, which features Sky Ferreira portraying Euronymous’ photographer girlfriend.

The movie is described in the official plot synopsis, “A teenager’s quest to launch Norwegian Black Metal in Oslo in the 1980s results in a violent outcome. Lords of Chaos tells the true story of True Norwegian Black Metal and its most notorious practitioners, a group of young men with a flair for publicity, church-burning, and murder: MAYHEM.”

There’s more musical involvement beyond Ferreira too: Around this time last year, it was revealed that Sigur Rós would provide the soundtrack for the movie.

Watch the Lords Of Chaos trailer above.