How Loren Gray Found Her Voice By Reclaiming Her Confidence

Loren Gray knows what it feels like to have people telling her she’s not good enough. She began singing covers of popular songs on social media when she was 13-years-old but, after her rising popularity, was struck down by bullying. Now, only a few years later, Loren Gray is opening for Lost Kings in LA and performing her original songs on stage.

As a teenager, Loren Gray began finding her voice on the popular music app, (now TikTok). But then Loren moved to LA, where she could focus on her voice, her songs, and her career. In the City of Angels, the 16-year-old met up with Nick Cooper, vocal coach to stars such as Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry. Cooper not only helped her with her voice, but he also helped her with her confidence. “Singing is a direct reflection of your inner dialogue and the inner experience of your life,” said Cooper.

“My biggest problem is letting go, especially in front of people because I’ve been told so many times that ‘I can’t,’” said Gray. “When I hold back with my confidence, my voice gets held back too. I focus too much on singing and not feeling the song because I’m so afraid of what everyone else is going to think.”

Cooper taught her how to bring that experience to life through her voice. Cooper had Gray doing exercises like lifting a chair while singing to show her how to focus less on being perfect, and more on feeling her music. Training for over two hours a day leading up to her LA performance, it also became the confidence-booster she needed to find her voice again.

Check out the video above to watch Loren Gray’s inspiring journey of finding her confidence and re-learning how to sing with meaning.