Nation Of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan Says He Was Honored To Meet Kendrick Lamar

Louis Farrakhan, the longtime leader of the Nation of Islam, took to Instagram Tuesday where he revealed that he recently met up with Kendrick Lamar. Farrakhan devoted two different posts to their meeting, saying he was “very honored to meet and talk with my powerful brother.” He also said “the cultural revolution is on” and that “the artistic community has historically been in the vanguard of social change.”

The post comes just days before Kendrick is scheduled to release his new album, DAMN., which the Compton rapper described as spiritual and “urgent” in a recent T Magazine profile. “I think now, how wayward things have gone within the past few months, my focus is ultimately going back to my community and the other communities around the world where they’re doing the groundwork,” he said. “To Pimp A Butterfly was addressing the problem. I’m in a space now where I’m not addressing the problem anymore. We’re in a time where we exclude one major component out of this whole thing called life: God. Nobody speaks on it because it’s almost in conflict with what’s going on in the world when you talk about politics and government and the system.”

Earlier this year, Farrakhan praised Chance the Rapper during a sermon on Chicago and said the young rapper “won [at the Grammys] because he had a rap more significant, more acceptable, more revered by those who judge.” Farrakhan has also made headlines in the music world for saying the Nation of Islam would protect Beyonce on the Formation tour if police wouldn’t.