Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Two Of Us’ Video Is Heartfelt And Heartbreaking

When he released the song in March, Louis Tomlinson’s song “Two Of Us” was promoted as a heartfelt tribute to his mother. With a slow, take-it-day-by-day tempo and tender lyrics, “Two Of Us” is a beautiful dedication to the people we’ve loved and lost.

But just a week after the song was released, Tomlinson’s younger sister Felicite passed away at the age of 18. It’s a tragic loss for anyone, but especially difficult for a singer-songwriter who had just begun a promotional tour for their new song about their grief from another family member’s death. After so much loss and devastation, Tomlinson’s fans would have forgiven him for stepping out of the spotlight entirely. But the former One Direction singer is channeling his heartbreak into creative energy.

The video for “Two Of Us” is simply beautiful. It features Tomlinson alone at the piano, plaintively singing and opening his heart to the camera. As the guitars come in and the song gets more impassioned, a full band joins in. The video is shot in black and white, and the simple visuals let the quiet beauty of the song (and Tomlinson’s voice) shine through. He’s a versatile singer — he held his own in the power-pop of One Direction, and his solo stuff so far has been an eclectic mix of EDM, pop-punk, and everything in between. Tomlinson is the only member of One Direction to not release a solo album since the band’s hiatus was announced in 2015, but the “Two Of Us” rollout indicates that an album might be coming sooner rather than later.

Watch Tomlinson’s video for “Two Of Us” above.