Ludacris Bats Down Jokes To Explain Those Fake CGI Abs In His Video For ‘Vitamin D’

Ludacris will return to theaters this weekend in Fate of the Furious, but he’s also returning to music with a song for the film’s soundtrack. “Vitamin D” is a toss back to the old day of Ludacris, but something else stood out and had people talking in the video:

Our resident Dr. Miami spoofer decides to get into a body suit with abs that mirror the following items of your life: King Hawaiian Rolls, a Sega Dreamcast controller, the graphics from a Nintendo 64 wrestling game and more.

Now as we learn during his appearance on Conan Wednesday night, those abs are CGI and it was just a peek inside the mind of Ludacris. “This is typical Ludacris behavior,” he tells Conan when asked how he thought he could get away with it. Nobody asked Busta Rhymes about all his goofy costumes and I’m fairly sure he did the goofy buff look many times in the past. He also turned a kid into a blue goblin in the “Gimme Some More” video, which trumps fake CGI abs any day. Busta would be king if he was big during the internet age.

Elsewhere, Ludacris talks about a bit about the need for “Vitamin D” and turns it into some weird sexual Dr. Oz segment. Apparently there is a proper dosage for women to take on a daily basis and they need it on the front and back. Andy tries to chime in to let him know you get it from the Sun, but Conan closes the chat out the right way:

“You’re either doing a great public service announcement right now or you’re a disgusting person,”

There’s plenty of great jokes bouncing around all over the interview, like Conan making fun of Ludacris talking about himself in the third person. Not a lot of folks can do that, but Ludacris might be there. It’s him and Rickey Henderson.

(Via Conan)