Here’s Mac DeMarco Playing ‘This Old Dog’ In A Dog Grooming Parlor

In May, Mac DeMarco is set to return with This Old Dog, his first official full-length since 2014’s breakthrough Salad Days, though he released the eight-song “mini album” Another One in summer 2015. In anticipation of the album, Mac shared two new songs, “This Old Dog” and “My Old Man,” the latter of which shows a bit of a departure from the sound that made him popular in the first place, with an electronic drum loop holding the beat together while Mac strums an acoustic guitar.

During a recent tour stop in London, DeMarco teamed up with Crack Magazine to play into the dog-related content that is sure to come with his new album, playing an acoustic rendition the album’s title track while sitting in front of two dogs being groomed at Groom Dog City in East London. “You may be asking yourself, ‘Why? Why is Mac at Groom Dog City? Why?’ Well, probably because the next song I’m going to play is called ‘This Old Dog,'” Mac says before launching into the song. “And although I may not be speaking about a real dog in this song, this is what my press will probably look like for the next two years.” Check out the performance above.

This Old Dog is out May 5th on Captured Tracks. Pre-order it here.