Machine Gun Kelly Wants To Help You With Your Valentine’s Day ‘Break Up’

Machine Gun Kelly isn’t a big fan of Valentine’s Day. Rather than using the opportunity to produce a lovey-dovey single to take advantage of the synergy of a holiday release, the Cleveland rapper wants to put an end to all the mushy sentiment with the Jordan Wozy-directed, relationship-tanking “The Break Up” video.

To really drive the point home, not only is the video a colorful, wall-to-wall breakup letter to an ex, MGK has also put together a website for anyone else who’s sick of their significant other to send them their termination papers automatically. allows users to choose from a selection of prewritten breakup texts and send them to any US or Canada phone number. The messages include classics like “Wanna know a joke? Our relationship” and “Wanna see a magic trick? Poof! You’re single.” For wannabe singles who really want to go for the jugular, there’s even a message that clearly states “I’m literally using a website to break up with you RN. This is not a joke.” Ouch.

When he’s not busy being the anti-Cupid, MGK is busy pursuing the acting career he started with his turn in the 2014 romance drama Beyond The Lights, appearing in Sandra Bullock’s new film, Bird Box and portraying Tommy Lee in the upcoming Motley Crue biopic, The Dirt. He’s also been getting into modeling, appearing in a recent Reebok Classic ad campaign.