Makthaverskan’s Propulsive, Ethereal Single ‘In My Dreams’ Introduces Their Upcoming Album, ‘Ill’

As our increasingly connected world grows smaller and smaller, we become more and more aware of bands from all over that just aren’t getting enough attention. Swedish group Makthaverskan is one of them, and the post-punk/dream pop group established themselves as a musical force to keep an eye on with their 2014 sophomore album II. It’s been three years since then, and they’re finally back: Makthaverskan has just announced that their third album, Ill, is set for release on October 20th via Run For Cover Records.

The group also has a new single called “In My Dreams,” a firecracker of a song that combines propulsive punk rhythms with reverb-drenched guitars and Maja Milne’s ethereal vocals. This is the band’s first album since guitarist Gustav Data Andersson went solo and left the group, but they don’t seem to have lost a single step.

Milne previously said that they started the group because they were tired of the “boring guitars” in popular Swedish music:

“The main reason we started Makthaverskan is because we were so irritated about this one band [from Sweden] that was so famous. And there was no real feeling, it was just… boring guitars. It sounded OK, but there was nothing interesting in it. We wanted to mess up a little bit and make more punk in Gothenburg. There was a big punk scene in the ’90s with Broder Daniel, but then it died and everyone started making this baby-singing kind of music.”

Listen to “In My Dreams” above, and check out the Ill tracklist below.

1. “Vienna”
2. “Leda”
3. “In My Dreams”
4. “Witness”
5. “To Say It As It Is”
6. “Eden”
7. “Siren”
8. “Front”
9. “Comfort”
10. “Days Turn Into Years”