Watch Manchester Orchestra Turn In A Huge And Anthemic Performance Of ‘The Gold’ For ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

Music News Editor

Manchester Orchestra has been quietly bubbling under the indie rock surface for years now, although not that quietly: The group’s past four albums, including their 2017 record A Black Mile To The Surface, have peaked in the top ten of the US Alternative and/or Rock charts.

They’re certainly big enough for the Jimmy Kimmel Live! stage, and that’s exactly where they were last night, with a performance of “The Gold,” from their new album. The song is anthemic and driving, with mellow moments creating a dynamic range that makes the song’s huge peaks to hit as hard as the band ever has.

Manchester Orchestra also gave a web-exclusive performance of “The Alien,” so watch that below. Be sure to check out our interview with the group here, and we also had the band’s Andy Hull on an episode of the Celebration Rock podcast, so find that here.

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