Manchester Orchestra’s ‘The Sunshine’ Video Gets A Major Lift Thanks To A Singing Baby

People love talking babies. It’s for that very reason that the Look Who’s Talking film series has endured over the span of decades on cable television. Atlanta rockers Manchester Orchestra understand this principle completely and in their new video for the song “The Sunshine,” they decided to let an infant handle most of the vocal duties.

The video, directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, opens with lead singer Andy Hull picking up a baby out of a crib and sweetly singing the song from their latest album A Black Mile To The Surface while holding him in his arms. Together they go over to the couch where Hull falls asleep and the small child miraculously begins singing in his father’s stead. As the song progresses, the infant begins levitating into the air, before Hull finally wakes up and it turns out that the entire thing was all just a crazy dream.

In a recent interview with out own Steven Hyden, Hull opened up about what went into the creation of their new, fantastic record. “My challenge [to the band] was whatever you’re instinctively going to want to play on the record, try and not do that. Try and do the opposite of that thing,” he said. “I started to see that I could confront some things that you wouldn’t want to say. because generally you’re living a normal and happy life…I’m not just every day going like, ‘What am I gonna do?’ But when those feelings come, it’s for real.”

You can watch the “The Sunshine” in the video above.