Marilyn Manson And Courtney Love Are Friends Again In This Clip Teasing His New Video


It looks like Marilyn Manson is back to building bridges instead of burning them. Over on his Twitter, Manson has posted a heavily processed, ten-second clip of him scowling and looking appropriately dour in a vintage wheelchair while being pushed around by a starry-eyed Courtney Love. In the clip, Courtney is dressed in full nurses garb and the accompanying tweet reads “Who allowed Courtney Love to be my nurse? Oh shit, I did. TATTOOED IN REVERSE.”

The phrase “Tattooed In Reverse” is, of course, the title of a song from Manson’s latest album Heaven Upside Down and it looks like this is a tease for the third single from the album after “KILL4ME” and “SAY10.” But Manson’s music has never really been the point of Marilyn Manson. The real story here is Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson hanging out and being friendly. The two never quite had beef so much as Marilyn says “we’ve always been weird with each other.” And the last time the two were mentioned in the same sentence it was 2015 when Manson accused Love of being mad at him for never sleeping with her, and Love replied by… calling him gay.

Reconciliation has been a theme with Manson lately. Last year he and frenemy Billy Corgan buried the hatchet about their ongoing feud and did a summer tour together to promote both the Pumpkins and Manson’s new album. Then on 02/20, the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death, Manson tweeted out a picture of Kurt and Courtney’s marriage ceremony, saying “A time when music and romance were one. Love to Kurt on his birthday and love to C.” It wasn’t long after that tweet a new photo’s of Manson and Love together popped up on his timeline and now this video.

Perhaps in his twilight years, Manson is embracing love over hate, empathy over indifference, clicks over irrelevance.