Marilyn Manson Fires Longtime Bassist Twiggy Ramirez Following Recently Publicized Rape Allegations

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Jeordie White, better known as Twiggy Ramirez, has been fired from Marilyn Manson after rape allegations against the bassist were made public by Jack Off Jill’s Jessicka Addams. Manson himself announced the dismissal of the longtime bassist on social media, adding to fuel to the accusations alongside the silence from White himself.

Manson’s statement makes it seem like it was his decision to remove the bassist and would mark the second time White has departed the band. The allegations against him were long rumored and made public in a post by Addams on Facebook, with a “tumultuous relationship” with White in the early ’90s that would soon devolve into arguments, violence, and the alleged rape according to Rolling Stone. Her statement making the accusations against White is detailed and frightening, with Addams outlining prior incidents and the night of the alleged rape:

I knew at that point that Jeordie had not been faithful on tour, including being with women whom I to this day respect and considered my musical contemporaries. All this led to an argument I never saw coming. He forced me on to the floor with his hand around my neck. I said NO. I said NO. I said it so loud enough, that Pete came rushing in from the other room to get him off of me. But I had been raped. I had been raped by somebody I thought I loved. That night I slept in Pete’s bed and cried myself to sleep. Neither of us discussed it until years later as we both had our own shame about not reporting it.

Addams’ reported reason for keeping silent about her experience for so long is familiar to other high-profile allegations, including Harvey Weinstein, with the musician fearing a backlash that would ruin her career. She even adds that her record company warned her about going public by saying there would be a “very good chance” that the group would be “black balled” by the industry, other bands, and could even lose their record deal.

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