Marilyn Manson And Justin Bieber Take A Selfie Together To Launch The Apocalypse

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Plenty of music-oriented rivalries grab attention, especially where Kanye West and Amber Rose or Nicki Minaj and the world are concerned. However, there’s one beef that hasn’t received nearly enough love, and it involves Justin Bieber and Marilyn Manson. As the resident weirdo Manson junkie, I am happy to oblige with a needless chronological rendering of this hilarious troll fest. Of course, it’s always difficult to tell when Manson is truly irritated with someone or if he’s simply amusing himself. Here, it’s probably a mixture of both vibes.

The “feud” started about a year ago when Bieber was spotted wearing a Manson t-shirt at a Hillsong Church event. This isn’t the usual venue for that sort of attire, and folks noticed. However, Bieber tends to sport metal t-shirts that are readily available at Hot Topic, and he may not even listen to the music. Further, metalheads don’t always appreciate said appropriation of their favorite bands, but Metallica didn’t seem to mind too much.

Well, Manson saw the t-shirt and responded (twice) with little enthusiasm on Twitter. He didn’t appear to approve of Bieber’s sartorial statement.

So, an undeterred Bieber did it again and recorded video, which Manson used to troll Bieber with a very sexual joke. However, all of that may have just been a huge tease, or perhaps the tension simply came to a head when Bieber sported yet another Manson tee last week. This time, the shirt had “Bigger than Satan” printed on the back. Now, Manson may be getting a little bit soft. In fact, he’s been acting a little emo and alluding to a breakup, so perhaps he’s feeling charitable towards the Biebs.

And then this happened. Manson threw on a Bieber shirt and said hello to Instagram with a “Bigger than Bieber” caption.

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Bigger than Bieber

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Now, the internet is left to wonder whether these two may be … friends? They took a selfie together while out for a Saturday evening boys’ night. God only knows how that conversation went.

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Night out in la with the boys

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