Marshmello Relentlessly Tries To Be More Than ‘Friends’ With Anne-Marie In Their Campy New Video

With most new Marshmello videos, a good portion of the enjoyment comes from the fact that the star of the clip is, well, a marshmallow man. The sight gags are endless, particularly because the videos are generally straight-faced, playing him off like he is just a normal dude, when in fact, he’s not. He’s a marshmallow.

And the video for “Friends” falls into this category, but remains notably different because of both the interplay between him and the clip’s other star Anne-Marie, and because of how much of a banger the song is. Sure, seeing Marshmello hold a feather duster, standing in the rain outside her window, or, my favorite, eating a lollipop all feel like an absurdist fever dream, but the song’s strength and Anne-Marie’s magnetism are far more memorable.

The video’s storyline doesn’t stray to far from the song’s lyrical content. It opens with a house party, with Marshmello and Anne-Marie as the titular friends. But when it becomes time to kick people out, the DJ begins cleaning the house to avoid being asked to leave. Eventually, Anne-Marie throws him out, but he keeps finding ways to pop back up in the residence. It’s all campy fun, with Anne-Marie joined by a crew of backup dancers to help fight off a Marshmello who doesn’t get the hint.

Check out Marshmello and Anne-Marie’s “Friends” video above

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