The Vengaboys Popped Up In ‘Master Of None’ And Now They’re Starting Viral Dance Parties

The second season of Master Of None has proven to be a cultural force since it premiered last month, due to its thoughtful approach to topics like style, food, and the “Thanksgiving” episode that deals with coming out as gay. Now it turns out that Aziz Ansari’s Netflix hit is also an influencer in the music world, since it seems to have brought the Vengaboys back from the depths of the late ’90s.

The sixth episode of the second season, “New York, I Love You,” features not the LCD Soundsystem song of the same name, but “We Like To Party” by the Vengaboys. The 1998 Eurodance hit pops up during the scene when the cab drivers find themselves in an empty and lame club, and later when they dance with their new female friends at the burger joint after hours.

The Master Of None bump is apparently a thing now, because a man named Jordan Cairns shared a Facebook live video that shows him driving in Cheltenham, UK, windows down and blaring another Vengaboys hit, “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!,” which was originally released as a single in 1999. He stops the car and that’s when he and a bunch of passersby start a wild impromptu dance party.

The original video has over 94,000 views on Facebook since being uploaded on June 3rd, while a reposted video from LAD Bible has over 7.2 million views.

Check out the infectiously fun clip above, and revisit the original “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!” music video below.

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