Master P Appreciates Kim Kardashian’s Efforts To Free His Brother, C-Murder

Responding to the news that Kim Kardashian and others like Meek Mill have taken up the cause of freeing incarcerated New Orleans rapper C-Murder, Master P welcomed the renewed support their celebrity has brought to the case, but he also wants them to know, “this is not gonna be easy.” Master P expressed his gratitude via TMZ, recording a video talking about the case and the new interest Kardashian’s involvement has brought to it.

“My whole thing is on getting my brother home,” he says. “So, whatever anybody do that’s gonna support that I appreciate it. But like I said, Louisiana is not like the rest of these places.” He goes on to remind viewers that he’s already spent millions trying to fight the court on his brother’s behalf. “It’s just a blessing that people understand my brother is innocent — he should have been free… I hope it’s all for the right reasons… This place has a lot of corruption… This is not gonna be easy.”

C-Murder was sentenced to life in prison for murder in 2009, losing his final appeal in 2013. However, in 2018, two key witnesses recanted their statements, claiming they’d been pressured into testifying against him, prompting C-Murder and Master P to push for a new case.

Watch Master P express his appreciation for the newfound attention on C-Murder’s case above.