Meek Mill Shows Support For Kim Kardashian’s Push To Free C-Murder From Life In Prison

Since being released from prison, Meek Mill has been a vocal advocate for prison reform. Along with Meek, another celebrity who has supported justice reform is Kim Kardashian, who recently sought a law degree. After beginning her studies, Kim has become an outspoken advocate for many she believes are unjustly imprisoned, and her latest campaign for freedom centers around C-Murder. After publicizing her push to free C-Murder, Meek hopped on social media to offer his support.

C-Murder, born Corey Miller, was convicted of murder in 2002 and sentenced to life in prison. But according to Kim, new evidence suggests the rapper was wrongfully convicted. Since his sentencing, laws have changed and a unanimous jury decision is now necessary in order for a defendant to be sentenced to life in prison. Furthermore, Kim reports new evidence has come to light since the rapper’s conviction which suggests some jurors may have been pressured to find Miller guilty.

Along with publicizing information about Miller’s case, Kim started the hashtag #FreeCoreyMiller and Meek quickly co-signed. Showing support for Kim’s movement, Meek shared a photo of Miller alongside his family. “#freecorymiller off the rip,” the rapper wrote.

Check out Meek’s post above.

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