Meek Mill Speaks Out After A Shooting Outside His Concert Leaves Two Dead

Shots rang out outside a Meek Mill show Friday night and left two people dead and two more injured. The chaos happened just after 11:00 PM outside the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, Connecticut as Meek and his entourage were making their way to their awaiting vehicles. Footage taken outside the venue shows Meek leaving the theater before ducking following the sounds of gunshots. Meek was not among the dead or injured.

Rapper Meek Mill was scheduled to perform in the dome at Oakdale Theatre Friday night, according to the Oakdale’s website. Doors opened at 7 p.m. and the show was scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. Bradley said the show had just ended and the Oakdale was closing when the shooting occurred. A security guard told the Record-Journal that vehicles had already begun lining up to exit the parking lot and Meek Mill just got into his vehicle when he heard gunshots.

Wallingford police currently do not have any suspects or persons of interest in custody. The names and ages of the victims have also not yet been released.

Meek later hopped on Instagram and commented on the shooting. “Yea they really trying to slow these bags up right? I’m looking at this sh*t and they’re talking two people died, two people got shot. A lie. Somebody hating [and] trying to slow these bags up because we scooping up 250s.”

We can assume “250s” is just a cooler way of saying $250,000. Meek’s reportedly getting paid $200,000 plus $20,00 in expenses to stand on a club couch and bring in the new year with drunk fans.