Meek Mill’s Old Picture Lands Him In Another Rapper’s Hilarious Freestyle

Meek Mill is the unintended comedic gold mind that keeps on giving. Whether he is promoting new music or speaking with a friend on FaceTime as they recover in the hospital, the rapper just can’t help but put a smile on someone’s face. This time fellow rapper JID is caught up in the Philadelphia native’s humor storm.

As the “Dope” rapper was brushing up on his lyrical skills, he came across an old picture Meek had uploaded to Instagram. The image innocently features Meek’s leg dipped into a swimming pool. However, a lap full of plain french fries are strangely scattered on top of his soaked swimming trunks. Inspired by the image, JID took to Twitter to share a throwaway freestyle line.

In a now-deleted tweet, JID wrote, “tryna get inside ya thighs like Meek Mill’s fries.”

Although the picture was originally uploaded back in May 2020, JID revealed he had no clue it existed until yesterday (January 22), writing, “I just saw this for the first time today.”

Meek hasn’t responded to JID’s bar but based on his past acceptance of being the king of awkward memes, he is sure to brush it off.

Meek Mill is a Warner Music artist. .