Megan Thee Stallion Gets Emotional Discussing Her Late Parents’ Influence On Her

Megan The Stallion recently sat down with Gayle King for a wide-ranging interview, which aired on CBS Mornings today. Aside from discussing the Tory Lanez shooting, she also took some time to talk about her parents, both of whom passed away. The topic brought up some feelings.

After being asked what she learned from her parents, Meg got emotional and teared up. After composing herself, she said, “They were my best friends. It was only the three of us, all the time. Like when I went to school, I felt like it was a little different with me interacting with other kids. They would kind of pick on me a little bit, like I was so tall already. They just really let me know you can’t ever let somebody else’s insecurities make you insecure.”

Elsewhere during the conversation, she noted the brash personality she sports now has been a part of her for years, saying, “I’ve been like this all my life. I’ve always been confident, I’ve always been loud, I’ve always been outgoing. I’ve always just enjoyed entertaining.”

Check out the interview clip above.

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