Rapper Melii Cited ‘Uncomfortable Situations’ As Her Reason For Not Signing With Meek Mill’s Label

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On Wednesday, we wrote about the release of Harlem rapper Melii’s debut album Phases. The project is the artist’s first major label project and is being distributed through Interscope Records. On Wednesday, fellow Interscope artist Tory Lanez celebrated the album’s release via an Instagram post and announced that she would be joining his One Umbrella imprint. This news did not come without some controversy, however.

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill seemed less than enthused about the announcement. Back in November, Melii made her first major featured appearance on the song “Wit the Shits” from Mill’s number one album Championships. A few months later, Melii was invited on Mill’s “The Motivation Tour” as an opener. All signs seemed to point to the 22-year-old joining Mill’s own Dream Chasers Records, but as we learned on Thursday, that didn’t haappen “A corny ass move on both y’all end,” Mill wrote in a since-deleted comment on Lanez’s Instagram post.

Catching wind of Mill’s disapproval and receiving some residual heat from fans who viewed her move as a slight to Mill, Melii took to her Instagram story to give some context behind her decision.

“I never intended to snake anyone. If anything I tried my best to work around many things that put me in uncomfortable situations,” she wrote. “As a woman, a lot of things I stood for weren’t there so I took the high road [and] gracefully removed myself.”

In a separate comment on Lanez’s post, Melii claimed that, much to his chagrin, she rebuffed Mill’s sexual advances. Ultimately, Melii did not seem to want to harbor bad blood between her and the Dream Chasers camp. She thanked Mill for his past support and expressed that she was “grateful for him putting me on his album.”

You can stream Melii’s new project Phases below.

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