Metallica Turned In A Bizarre Cover Of Prince’s ‘When Doves Cry’ During Their Show In Minneapolis

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Metallica is widely considered to be the greatest heavy metal band of all time. They have nothing to prove to anyone at this point in their unparalleled career. That being said, they aren’t infallible Gods either, and just like everyone, are sometimes given to turning in frankly bizarre performances every now and then.

That brings us to their recent concert in Minneapolis, notable among music fans for being the home of the legendary Prince, who died just two years ago. In an effort to honor the legacy of “The Purple One,” bassist Robert Trujillo took center stage, and along with guitarist Kirk Hammett launched into a cover of the beloved singer’s Purple Rain hit “When Doves Cry.” In an attempt to perhaps, metal up the track, the duo abandoned much of the song’s original DNA. In fact for much of the verses, Trujillo sings while Hammett provides some chunky, scratchy chords underneath while the audience tries to sort through their feelings on what they’re witnessing.

Metallica is currently on the road playing out a string of dates for the 2018 North American leg of their Worldwired Tour. The run began just this past Sunday in Madison, Wisconsin, where they covered a song by local legends Garbage. It’ll be interesting to see who they’ll honor at their upcoming gigs in Grand Forks, North Dakota and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.