MF DOOM Will Be Honored With A Street Sweeper Named ‘MF BROOM’ In Richmond, Virginia

Some much-needed wholesome news: The lovely city of Richmond, Virginia is introducing a new bike lane street sweeper and residents have voted that it be named MF BROOM, after the late rapper MF DOOM who tragically passed in 2020.

In a bracket not unlike that of March Madness, the options consisted of MF BROOM, Kate Brush, Meryl Sweep, Sweep Carolina, Dirt Reynolds, Bike Dyson, LeBroom James, The Bus Duster, The Legion of Broom, Wall-E, The Grim Sweeper, and more creative names. MF BROOM and The Grim Sweeper made it to the final round, and the former won with a 59%-41% vote.

“The people have spoken!” Venture Richmond tweeted in the announcement. “We crowdsourced name ideas, you voted, and the name of the new @DPW_RichmondVAbike lane sweeper is… MF BROOM. Until then, enjoy your clean bike lanes!”

“Just remember all caps when you spell the mans name,” one user replied.

The beloved hip-hop legend is being memorialized in many ways. For instance, it was announced in May of this year that a biography of MF DOOM is in the works. It will be titled The Chronicles Of Doom: Unraveling Rap’s Masked Iconoclast, written by veteran journalist S.H. Fernando Jr. and arriving via Astra House.