Pivot Gang’s MFnMelo And Saba Join Forces For The Monte Booker-Produced ‘What A Life’

Now that Pivot Gang has put out a well-received group project and properly introduced its non-Saba members to the world at large, it looks like the individual rappers who make up the Chicago-based supergroup are ready to start putting out their own solo projects. First up is MFnMelo, the group’s self-described “old soul” who debuted in 2017 with Melodramatics. Today, he announced the forthcoming release of his sophomore album, Everybody Eats, with the release of the Monte Booker-produced lead single, “What A Life.”

Naturally, Pivot Gang’s best-known member comes along for the ride. Saba provides a contrasting, rapid-fire verse to offset Booker’s downtempo, acoustic guitar-strumming beat, while Melo melodizes and raps with a slurred flow that pulls the listener in to ensure they hear every hypnotic bar.

Everybody Eats is getting a relatively short runway with a release date of November 25, which will allow fans a few days to learn all the words before Pivot Gang’s third annual John Walt Day in Chicago on November 29-30. The group has held the event in memory of late member John Walt (who is also Saba’s cousin) every year since his death, with the proceeds benefitting the John Walt Foundation. Everybody Eats will feature fellow Pivot member Frsh Waters, Akenya, Adam Ness, and fellow Chicago standout Mick Jenkins.

Everybody Eats is due November 25 via Pivot Gang. Pre-order it here.