Jonathan Majors Just Laughed After Michael B. Jordan Named Drake The Best Rapper Of All Time

Ask ten people who the best rapper of all time is and it’s possible you’ll get ten different opinions. It’s a question that’s been pondered and debated for decades, and one that has only subjective answers. Still, Jonathan Majors couldn’t help but be taken aback by Creed III co-star Michael B. Jordan’s take on the conversation.

On a new episode of Complex’s “GOAT Talk” series, the question of who the best rapper ever is came up. Both actors hesitated and contemplated the tough question, with Majors saying it’s between Jay-Z and Tupac. Eventually, Jordan worked up the courage to declare, “Drake, fight me.”

Majors was shocked, as he burst out into boisterous laughter after responding, “You said Drake?!” Jordan continued, “Jay-Z, Drake? Yeah, it’s tough! It’s tough!” After some more discussion (in which Majors made Jay-Z his final pick), Jordan elaborated, “This is what it is: to have an artist, rapper to rap about things I’ve been through, situations that I can relate to the most… literally, like it literally, [I listen to his music and I think], ‘Oh, I’ve been through that. Oh, I’ve thought that.’ So how it relates consistently, I gotta go there.”

The conversation wrapped up with Majors concluding that he picks Jay-Z for similar reasons.

Watch the full video below.