Michael Winslow Performs Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ With His Mouth

Each time I see Michael Winslow do the things he does with his mouth I wonder, “How is this guy not a bigger star”? He seems like a nice guy. His talents for mimicry are other-worldly. I understand that being able to do impersonations and make noises with one’s mouth is a talent that has its limitations, but goddamn if I were directing a comedy I’d at least hire the guy to be in one scene to do something ridiculous for laughs and he’d probably nail it every time. At the very least, you’d think talk shows would have him on regularly to just do his thing on the couch for 5 minutes because it’s just so absurd.

Case in point: here is Winslow on the Norwegian talk show Senkveld med Thomas og Harald essentially performing Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” all by himself. Like, vocals, instruments…everything. It’s mesmerizing. Sure, there’s a guy sitting next to him strumming an guitar, but he’s just window dressing — Winslow carries the whole song virtually by himself. Prepare to be astounded, as was the host of this show — his wide-eyed, open-mouth reactions are priceless.

Seriously, why has this guy been virtually off the grid since Police Academy?

(HT: Daily What)