Mailchimp’s Customer Service Was Ace When A Guy Accidentally Sent Migos’ ‘Bad And Boujee’ Out In A Company-Wide Email

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We’ve all been there, right? You accidentally throw something inappropriate into a work chat on Slack, or a text conversation with your boss or even worse, a company-wide email for everybody to see. It happens for a million different reasons, you picked the wrong thread, you hit “CC: all” on accident, the copy and paste gods fail you, or in this hilarious case, because you have impeccable taste in music.

That’s what happened to Imgur user PriceOgilvie, as his affinity for Migos’ new No. 1 smash “Bad And Boujee” led him to “accidentally” send the banger out to every single person at his job. Every. Single. One. Yeah, Price somehow attached the track to a company-wide email because, well, who knows why. Maybe his subconscious was trying to spread the joy that is Offset’s impeccable first verse, or the joy of cooking up dope in a crock pot, or he was going ham with the Raindrop memes, but whatever the case the deed was done.

So Price did what any respectable person does, he reached out to customer service via chat online because phones are things of the past, and apparently Mailchimp customer service people are the coolest chat specialist ever. Price got set up with William from Mailchimp customer service and Will just could not resist the temptation to throw his own #Raindrop joke into the chat once he saw what happened. William, clearly the Migos aficionado tossed in a quip about how “savage and ruthless” the entire situation was, to which Price replied in the only way he possibly could, by saying “Rain drop, drop top, please make this link stop.”

It’s all just another testament to the power that is Migos and the supernova that “Bad And Boujee” has become. Check out the conversation below.

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