Takeoff Does His Best Rick Ross On Migos’ ‘The Fate Of The Furious’ Track ‘Seize The Block’

The Fate of the Furious is dropping tomorrow. And surely we’ll be sick of it after it hogs up all the Oscar conversations for the rest of the calendar year. But for right now, we can just enjoy that sweet, sweet Furious-related content. Especially when it’s a new Migos song.

The increasingly unhinged series managed to nab Atlanta’s Three Wise Men for the post-Culture flex “Seize The Block” (presumably because they can’t make every soundtrack “Danza Kuduro” 11 times). The track gives Takeoff a chance to try out his best prime Rick Ross impression, delivering lines about the block ad infinitum in that out-of-breath yawp that Rozay used to briefly become a superstar. It also continues Migos’ love of self-mytholigizing — making overt references to their mega-hit “Bad and Boujee” and revealing that they might not be the consummate salesmen they claimed to be on “T-Shirt.”

If you’re bragging about the purity of your cocaine one minute and then letting everybody know you sold some dudes soap, then you can’t blame us for moving you down in our very scientific plug rankings. Stream “Seize The Block” below via Hip Hop N More and check out our review if you need to get more hyped about evil Vin Diesel.

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