Migos Rock Spiked Leather Jackets In The Junkyard Jam ‘What The Price’ Video

We’re sure there are some things that people can knock Migos for (to which we say “Where?“) but their music videos are not among them. The Atlanta trio have consistently cranked out great work as part of the rap music video renaissance and their latest for “What The Price” is no exception.

While it’s not as cinematically ambitious as “T-Shirt” or as joyous as “Bad and Boujee,” the new video for the Culture track feature sthe three Migos dressing up like bikers and getting in a bar fight. Come for the weird jam session in a burning auto junkyard, stay for Offset’s incredible police-tape jacket. The Migos even got their own Y.R.N. themed colors for their fictional biker gang. You have to respect dedication to craft.

If there’s one demerit for “What The Price”, it’s that the video is far more interesting than the song — which is a bit of a Travis Scott-like drifting snooze. But Migos prolific nature means you never have to linger too long on the negatives. Especially when there’s a song as good as “Slide” just waiting to soundtrack the rest of your day. It’s even got Frank Ocean on it, as the group is quick to point out.

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