Mike Tyson’s ‘If You Show Up’ Video Is Filled With Knockout Bars Directed At Soulja Boy

In the beef that really can’t get any weirder, former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson has decided to share the full audio and accompanying video for “If You Show Up,” his diss track aimed at rapper Soulja Boy.

Tyson’s played a bit role in the ongoing beef between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown previously. 50 Cent brought the champ in to train Brown and Tyson’s taken to the role with vigor, claiming he would have the singer ready to bite off his adversary’s ear. Now, he’s really ratcheting up his involvement a notch by hopping into the booth to taunt SB with bars. He spits vicious lines like, “Talking shit, on Instagram, but social media don’t make a f**king man, Everybody talk shit, behind the keys, I’m gonna sting like a venereal disease.” Clearly there wasn’t room in the budget for a ghostwriter.

Iron Mike doesn’t actually appear in the video, save for a minor cameo tacked on at the end of the clip. Instead, the whole thing is filled with women you’ve most likely seen while thumbing your way through your Instagram timeline and their inclusion alone automatically makes this whole thing better than Soulja’s currently audio-only diss song, “Hit’Em with the Draco,” released on Monday. The women spend the majority of the song mouthing the words for Tyson’s “raps” and a few of them even put a mock beatdown on SB, dressed in the about-to-take-an-L starter kit, as seen in the alleged robbery clip from a few weeks back.

Thank goodness this is all for show, but please let that pay-per-view fight between Brown and Soulja hurry before anyone else decides to make a response record.