Mitski Is Releasing Exclusive Vinyl Editions Of ‘Puberty 2’ For Valentine’s Day

Sometimes it’s hard for me to realize that 2016 was only a few short months ago — it kind of feels like it was an eternity — but that was the year that we got one of the best rock albums in recent memory, Mitski’s Puberty 2. As she’s currently a bit busy heading out on tour with Lorde and Run The Jewels, Mitski hasn’t had time to record or release any new music. But that hasn’t stopped her, patron saint of sad girls, from swooping in to offer something on Valentine’s Day that will help balance out the performative and capitalistic relational heteronormativity that is a hallmark of the day.

Though copies of Puberty 2 are still available on vinyl at this point, Mitski and her label put their heads together and decided to release some of the exclusive Japanese pressings that they still had to celebrate the holiday.

“Tomorrow is Valentine’s day, and we want to do something special,” Mitski explained on Instagram. “So my label and I held onto a few extra Japanese exclusive LPs of Puberty 2, and we’re putting them on sale tomorrow on my merch store. They’re a little more expensive, but it’s a very limited release that was only available in Japan, until tomorrow of course. Hope ya’ll like ’em.”

So Mitski fans, look out for those tomorrow! And remember, a romantic partnership does not guarantee you happiness, stability, or value, but listening to Mitski probably will.

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