Mmmb*tch: The Younger Brother from Hanson Called A Fan A ‘Drunk Bitch’ At Last Night’s Show

Zac Hanson called a fan a “drunk bitch” at a show last night in Richmond, VA. At least it wasn’t “Mmmbop” and for that we are thankful. Move over Dave Chappelle… we’ve got another celebrity meltdown on our hands.

Of course, Dave and Zac’s meltdowns are similar in that they weren’t “meltdowns” at all and were both directed at drunk fans yelling at them while they tried to perform. Maybe he had a little too much of the band’s beer Mmmhops? As you can see in the video below, Zac is in the middle of a ballad when a woman yells out rather vulgar saying, which throws Zac off completely (the debate in the YouTube comments as to what she actually says is priceless, btw). He stops the song and says:

“Seriously? I’m singing this beautiful song about a little girl and this drunk bitch is screaming… You can go home! I’m going to start that verse over so the rest of us can enjoy it.”

Take a look for yourself around the 1:36 mark…

(h/t: Perez)