Modest Mouse Get The ‘Sound Advice’ To Make A Pixar Movie About Meek Mice

Despite their emotionally raw and rather human music, Modest Music‘s frontman Isaac Brock has the reputation of being somewhat standoffish. Maybe part of that was fueled by his comments about Portland being filled with nothing but “human turds.” Was that appearance on Portlandia all a lie, Brock?!

Either way, it never hurts to have a good sit down with someone who has your best interest at heart. Enter the famed media coach Janessa Slater (also known as Vanessa Bayer) for another round of Sound Advice. This time, Janessa offers that Modest Mouse make a Pixar film based on their name about a meek mouse who doesn’t like to brag, which honestly sounds like a pretty solid concept. She also offered to join the band because of her high Guitar Hero score and suggested they start a music festival for privileged assholes wanting to see lumbersexuals called Goodnight, Sweet Losers. It’s no Eaux Claires, but it sounds pretty good.

Even if most of the advice is terrible, Brock could do worse than adhere to some of it. This is the same guy who used to cut his chest open onstage. Not to say that’s a bad idea, but it seems like not the best idea. Cartoon mice jibe a little better with “Float On” than lacerated pecs, but we could be wrong.

(via YouTube)