Tommy Lee Marked Motley Crue’s Farewell Concert By Getting Stuck In His Drum Coaster

Motley Crue said farewell to their career and 2015 in the same night, playing their final show at LA’s Staples Center on New Year’s Eve. The band helped to define the rock sound that would rule the 1980s and decided to wrap things up earlier this year after 33 years in the music business.

As would be typical for a final show, there was a mishap thanks to Tommy Lee’s iconic drum roller coaster. According to Entertainment Weekly, Lee was in the middle of a drum solo when things went awry:

The group has a recurring element of its show where drummer Tommy Lee soars around venues on a custom rollercoaster, and that rollercoaster broke down Thursday night, leaving Lee suspended upside-down above concertgoers.

Crüe’s crew quickly came to Lee’s aid, but the mishap will surely be documented on the concert film the band plans to release of the final gig later this year.

Lee had his mic on the entire time, so he let the crowd know how he felt at the moment:

“It looks like the roller coaster is broken, well f— the roller coaster! Come on guys, help. Come get me. I can’t believe this is happening on the last night. I knew something wasn’t right when I took off.”

You can see the beginning and closing of the mishap in the videos embedded. The breakdown caused a slight delay in the festivities according to The Hollywood Reporter, but managed to still get the new year kicked off with their song “Dr. Feelgood.”

Also during the show, Nikki Sixx said goodbye to the fans and the band he helped to found with Tommy Lee back in 1980. It’s a cool moment, even if you kinda dislike the band. I’m not the biggest fan, but the storyline has had plenty of twists and turns. The fact that they have this type of conclusion at all is admirable.

(Via Entertainment Weekly / The Hollywood Reporter)