Move Over Apple And U2, Kmart Wants To Give Us The New Maroon 5 Album

Adam Levine has been quietly building a case for himself as the hardest-working man in show business. In addition to being the frontman for Maroon 5, for which Details named him the new King of Pop in 2012, Levine is also the star of NBC’s The Voice, earning solid reviews for his film debut in Begin Again, pushing more Proactiv than a suburban dermatologist, and more importantly than any of that stuff, he was a part of 30 Rock’s “Kidney Now!” episode, which featured one of the best musical moments in TV history. But did you know that Levine also has quite an eye and mind for fashion? This guy does it all!

Back in 2010, Levine and his father teamed up to start dabbling in fashion design with the 222 clothing line. Last year, Levine inked a deal with Sears to sell his 222 series as the Adam Levine Collection through Kmart and the ShopYourWay online platform, because for him, “it’s not just being a name or face behind it, but actually putting the work into it to make it really good and what I love,” and other such rhetoric. And what he also loves is offering a good bargain to both his clothing and music fans.

For the next three days, a purchase of $30 or more from the Adam Levine Collection – which features the hottest affordable styles for plain clothes bros wanting to look like they just woke up in last night’s clothes – gets you a code for a free download of Maroon 5’s latest album, V, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 earlier this month. Not really digging the Adam Levine threads? Starting on Sunday, an order of $50 or more of any apparel from Kmart will also get you the download code. It’s really hard to ignore that kind of value, unless, you know, you just spend $10 for the album on iTunes.

I don’t really give a Hershey squirt about Levine or his music, but this dude deserves a round of applause. Maroon 5 should have been like any other doofy pop band that came and went as fast as the NOW album that carried their hit song, but Levine has somehow spun his 15 minutes into a whole day of fame, as well as a marriage to Behati Prinsloo. When all is said and done, and this guy’s fame well dries up, I just hope he writes an autobiography entitled, “Shit-Eating Grin.”