Moxie Knox’s Dream Video Is Coming To Life Thanks To The Hustle Of Production Designer Simone Moscovitch

With the help of fans, Sprite® and Uproxx connected rising star Moxie Knox and a crowdsourced group of emerging creatives to bring to life a music video for her self-love-anthem “Love Me Right.” Follow us as we introduce you to Moxie’s creative collaborators as they each put their mark on this project.

When most fans watch a video from an artist they love, they likely only think about the link they followed to watch it. The truth of the matter, though, is that it takes a lot of effort and creative input from a whole crew of people, including a production designer, who is in charge of making sure that shots are perfectly set up so the video can be executed as it was envisioned. On this project, that responsibility rests on the shoulders of Simone Moscovitch, who understands how important hard work is to this, because it was a high level of effort that got her to where she is today.

Moscovitch says in her line of work, the most important thing is to always be hustling: “In order to get to where I am currently in my career, I’ve had to work really, really, really hard. Hustle, dude. You have to be committed. You need to reach out. You need to network. You need to stay up really really late and do things for people who didn’t ask for it.”

Stay tuned as we meet additional members of the team and learn how they worked together to create the “Love Me Right” music video.