Mulatto Gives Back To The Community In Her Generous ‘Spend It’ Video

It’s the season of giving and Mulatto has found a way to do just that. Rather than spending big bucks on a flashy video alongside her recently released Queen Of Da Souf (Deluxe) LP, Mulatto instead used those funds to by gifts for the less fortunate in her generous “Spend It” video.

The visual depicts Mulatto gathering her team to purchase iPads, laptops, toys, and food items from Walmart for selected families and those living in Atlanta’s Section 8 housing. Speaking about her charitable actions and explaining the concept behind her video, Mulatto said:

“It’s called ‘Spend It’ so I was originally going to have this super flexed-up video, pull out them racks, pull out the foreign, and just talk about how I’m the youngest and the richest. But, it’s Christmas time, holiday time, and I feel like a better way to spend that sh*t would be giving back to the community, the people who are less fortunate than I am. Because I could spend that sh*t on me all day but today we’re going to spend that sh*t on people who need it.”

Watch Mulatto’s “Spend It” video above.

Queen Of Da Souf (Deluxe) is out now via RCA. Get it here.