Mumford & Sons Got Kicked Out Of An Atlanta Strip Club

Down Atlanta way, they don’t take kindly to out-of-towners, the kind of people who trash their Falcons, don’t eat their steak, and take pictures of accordion-tapping bandmates singing karaoke at a strip club most famous for employing a woman who can flatten empty beer cans between her breasts named Blondie.

[Mumford] had just performed at ATL’s Centennial Olympic Park and decided to hit up the famous Clermont Lounge to celebrate. It was karaoke night, and we’re told band member Ben Lovett took the stage to belt out a few tunes. According to strip club sources, Ben’s bandmates documented the occasion with their camera phones, and strip club officials freaked out, demanding they put their phones away (per the club’s strict rules).

We’re told the DJ had to lower the music several times to ask the band members to put their cameras away, and that really pissed off Ben…who loudly accused the DJ of ruining his song.

Our sources say the other band members chimed in at that point, cursing out the strip club staff — so the club manager kicked the whole group out. (Via)

One might even say their strip club privileges were *puts on sunglasses* suspended.

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