The Muppets’ Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem Band Just Rocked The Outside Lands Music Festival

There are very few mysteries left in the world, and why so many older children’s shows were like a bad acid trip is still one of those great mysteries. Look, it makes sense that a show reflects the cultural times and the creators’ interests, but kids aren’t really into psychedelia as much as they are just into stuff that is fun and not drug-related. That’s just kinda how kids stuff can be sometimes and The Muppets doesn’t stray from that formula.

So while The Muppets may have been cut from network television, their influence is still strong in the realm of popular culture. Animal has always been prone to banging on his drums and now he’s gotten to once again perform for a huge crowd, says Pitchfork, this time at the Outside Lands Music and Art Festival 2016 in San Francisco, as Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem took the stage for a blistering twenty-minute set including a trippy light show, glowing beach balls and an elaborate stage setup.

The Muppets’ Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem actually put on one hell of a show, even trotting out a full choir to accompany them for a moving rendition of The Beatles’ With a Little Help From My Friends to close out the show in style. Because, really, what is a giant rock show without some rock ‘n roll opulence?

(Via Pitchfork)