Nap Eyes Share A Renaissance Painting-Inspired Video For The Indie Rock Gem ‘I’m Bad’

02.26.18 1 year ago

Nap Eyes’ third album, I’m Bad Now, is on its way very soon (out March 9 via Paradise Of Bachelors). Before then, though, the band has offered another tease of the record: The sort-of title track “I’m Bad” and a video inspired by a Renaissance painting. The song itself is a chilled out indie rock track with classic folk vibes; it’s unmistakably a contemporary sound, but the guitar tones borrowed from fellow countryman Neil Young make the whole thing comfortably nostalgic.

Director Seth Smith says of the clip, “It’s a pretty relaxed, contemplative track. It made me think of someone posing for a portrait. I was thinking of self-image and the idea of seeing yourself through another person’s eyes. It was a fun set up, and a great group of not-bad people.” The band’s Nigel Chapman adds, “We’re very happy we got to collaborate with Seth to make this video. He’s an old friend, and an artist and songwriter we’ve all looked up to for many years.”

Watch the video for “I’m Bad” above, and check out the band’s upcoming tour dates below.

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