Hear Canadian Quartet Nap Eyes’ Wry Twang On ‘Every Time The Feeling’

Nap Eyes are a Canadian quartet from Halifax, Nova Scotia, who make indie rock reminiscent of folk rock, or possibly the other way around. Ever since the North Carolina-based label, folk and Americana purveyors Paradise Of Bachelors, shone a light on the band with their debut album Whine Of The Mystic in 2014, they’ve been a quickly-rising rock band making intriguing, in-depth songs that strike on deep truths with wry twang. The band quickly followed up their debut album, last year with Thought Rock Fish Scale, and have now turned right around again to release their third album in four years, I’m Bad Now this spring.

The album will be out 3/9 via Paradise Of Bachelors in America, the label You’ve Changed in Canada, and Jagjaguwar in the rest of the world, the latter coming as the kind of indie label co-sign that is big news for a band who are still very much just getting started. The album’s lead single, “Every Time The Feeling” debuted today via a campy lyric video, which you can watch above. Frontman and primary songwriter Nigel Chapman has the kind of voice that makes you wish Lou Reed wasn’t dead, but he uses it like someone who has no desire to mimic the past. Listen to the track above and keep an eye out for more from these guys.

I’m Bad Now is out 3/9 via Paradise Of Bachelors. Pre-order it here.