Kenny Smith’s Ghostwriting Joke At The NBA Awards Show Was So Good Drake Had To Jab Back Immediately

The accusations of ghostwriting surrounding Drake have dogged him from the moment Meek Mill brought them to the light and will probably follow him forever, it’s that big of a scandal. For his biggest skeptics, every song he drops will be met with a side eye and a bit of apprehension because for rappers, that’s supposed to be the cardinal sin. It’s not like Drake hasn’t done well in the interim, in fact he’s had his most commercial success ever in the time since his epic duel with Meek, but even at the first NBA Awards show Drizzy is hearing about ghostwriting.

Yes, as Drake is hosting the show, he’s getting in little jabs at various NBA stars like LeBron James and Draymond Green, but one former star and current figurehead in the league took a nice little shot back. Kenny “The Jet” Smith, a former NBA champion and current TNT analyst heard Drake’s hilarious monologue and had one question for the rest of the TNT crew “That was great material by Drake, but did he write it?”

The loaded question drew audible groans from the crowd at the show, and an immediate clap back from Drake the next time he hit the stage. “Kenny, somebody just told me about your writing joke backstage,” he said before adding “wise words from the most expendable member of the TNT crew” as Kenny, Shaq, Chuck and Ernie burst into laughter.